Canteen List

The canteen at Lyndhurst Primary School is open every day for both over the counter snacks as well as lunch orders. School lunch orders MUST be submitted to the Canteen by 9.30am.


There are meal deals available every day, but some are only available on specific days. Please choose carefully.


Note to Parents:

  1. For Lunch orders, please place the exact money in a lunch order bag/brown paper bag with the student's full name, grade and class. An extra 20 cents will be charged for any order without a bag.

  2. If your student has an allergy, please write in RED "Allergy" at the top of the lunch bag.

  3. With *asterisked items, a sticker will be put on the lunch bag for the student to redeem the item at the canteen. Students should take the lunch bag to the canteen during lunch time.

  4. Any change due will be sticky taped inside the lunch bag.

  5. Orders cannot be fulfilled without sufficient money, therefore an item will not be given.

  6. If students find any missing food items, please inform the canteen immediately and bring their lunch order bag.


The Canteen is now available for orders on Qkr!


All Qkr! student lunches MUST be ordered before 9am on the day.

Contact Us


Tel: 03 8768 6700 (8.30am-4pm on Weekdays)


70 Brookwater Parade

Lyndhurst, Victoria, 3975 Australia