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BYOD Solutions for Common Software Problems

This video is for any students (and even some staff) who are having problems logging in and out of Google with different email accounts.

This video is made for students having common problems with unwanted ads/popups/malware/bad programs etc on their BYOD's

Term 2 DigiTech Resources

DigiTech Resources Week 1&2

Digitech P-2 Home Learning Matrix

Digitech 3-6 Home Learning Matrix

DigiTech Resources Week 3&4

Digitech Grade 2 Home Learning Activities

Digitech Grade 3&4 Home Learning Activities

DigiTech Resources Week 7&8

Digitech Grade 3-4 Home Learning Activities (Week 7&8)

Cyber Safety Interland Games! Unit: Share with Care

WeVideo Scavenger Hunt for Grade 4's

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