School Hours & Term Dates

Office Hours

The School Office is open 8.30am to 4pm Monday to Friday.


School Hours

The school hours are from 9am to 3.30pm. Children are expected to be in class, settled and ready to learn by 9am. Punctuality is important.


The day will be broken up in the following ways:

8.50am-9.00am Enter classrooms and prepare for the day’s learning

9.00am-10.40am Morning session

10.40am-11.10am Morning recess

11.10am-12.50pm Middle session

12.50pm-1.50pm Lunchtime

1.50pm-3.30pm Afternoon session


Students usually have 10-15 minutes before recess and lunch to eat their food before going outside.

School Term Dates

2021 School Term Dates

Term 1: Friday 29th January (Grade 1-6 students start) to Thursday 1st April (2.30pm finish)

Term 2: Monday 19th April to Friday 25th June (2.30pm finish)

Term 3: Monday 12th July to Friday 17th September (2.30pm finish)

Term 4: Monday 4th October to Friday 17th December (1.30pm finish)

Prep students will begin school on Monday 1st February 2021

On this day, students will attend all day with a staggered start. Families are asked to arrive at the following times, according to which transition session your child attended.

  • If your child attended transition session 1: You will arrive at 9.20am

  • If your child attended transition session 2: You will arrive at 9.40am

  • If your child attended transition session 3: You will arrive at 10.00am


Students will remain at school until 3.30pm and parents can pick them up from the classroom door. Families are asked to arrive at the appropriate time to ensure a smooth and safe transition for students.

From Tuesday, 2nd February, students will attend from 9.00am until 3.30pm on each day except Wednesday. This will remain in place until Friday, 5th March. From then on, Preps will attend full time, 5 days per week.


The Wednesdays when Preps do not attend will be used for parent meetings and initial assessments for students. We will send further information regarding the Wednesday sessions in a separate notice.