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Canteen Orders

The canteen at Lyndhurst Primary School is open every day for both over the counter snacks as well as lunch orders.


There are meal deals available every day, but some are only available on specific days. Please choose carefully.


Note to Parents:

  1. All children must provide a lunch order bag (either a Reusable Canteen Lunch Order Bag or a Brown Paper Bag) that can hold food ordered from the canteen to avoid food being taken by other children. You can also purchase a brown paper bag from the canteen for 20 cents.

  2. With *asterisked items, a stamp will put on the lunch order bag for the children to redeem the item at the canteen with their lunch order bag during lunchtime. Please advise your children of this procedure.

  3. If children find any incorrect or missing food items, please inform the canteen immediately TOGETHER with their lunch order bag.

  4. For Manual Orders, any change due will be sticky taped inside the lunch order bag. Please note that if the CHANGE totals more than $10, it will be given to the Office for children to pick up after school.

All Online student lunches MUST be ordered before 8.50am on the day.

Manual school lunch orders MUST be submitted to the Canteen by 9.30am.

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