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Our Students and Principals Message

Our Students


At Lyndhurst, we are building three active cultures that intertwine to create an environment that encourages success in student learning and academic results as well as high standard student interactions and behaviour.


The first culture is one of high expectations of the students. High expectations by teachers of their students are translated into high expectations of the school by parents. The Lyndhurst community should have high expectations of our school which reflect their high aspirations for their children. This will be a key ingredient in our success as a school. Building an aspirational community engenders a culture of high expectations and high achievement.


The second culture is one of high expectations by teachers of each other. I believe that, to all members of our staff, it means something significant to work at Lyndhurst PS. We strive to engender a community that respects and admires the commitment of the members of staff and this, in turn, builds an environment in which all members of staff feel appreciated and thus more willing to add discretionary effort. In a culture such as this, there is an expectation amongst staff that all will contribute in a significant way to the accomplishments of the school and all will share in the pride of the resulting success.


The third critical culture is one in which students have high expectations of each other. This essential element is crucial in maintaining an orderly learning environment and encouraging high levels of achievement. There is a high standard of behaviour that is not only expected of the students but that students have a right to expect of each other. There are standards of interaction that are respectful and courteous. There will be standards of commitment to their schooling and motivation to learn that will be constantly in evidence.


Lyndhurst is a school that provides support, encouragement and growth opportunities for staff and which is characterized by high student motivation to learn and high teacher motivation to teach and to continue to learn. This is a school in which the whole community can participate and of which the whole community can be proud.

Our Principals Message


The children, School Council and staff would like to welcome you to the Lyndhurst Primary School community and to our website. I believe that the choice of Lyndhurst Primary School is a positive one for the education and well-being of your child.You will quickly find that, through your children attending our school, you will have an opportunity to join a thriving, active and welcoming community. 


The community plays a crucial part in the success of our school and your involvement in school and community activities will enhance your child’s experience here.We have chosen a cormorant for our school emblem. A cormorant sculpture by Tasmanian artist Folker Kooper stands proudly at the entrance to the school, wings spread, encouraging the children to "take flight". Other bird sculptures dominate the nearby wetlands adjacent to the school providing a strong link with the local community and the natural environment.


The encouragement to "take flight" represents much of what we aim to achieve in our school. It demonstrates our commitment to advance both the academic and personal development of our students. In all sorts of ways, we are confident that the students within our care are provided with the opportunities to "take flight".


Through enthusiastic engagement in a purposeful and developmental educational program, students progressively gain the tools they need to be successful life-long learners. We are constantly challenging children to spread their wings and test the air as they gain the confidence and skill to finally take flight and soar!


At Lyndhurst, it is well recognised that the degree of interest, interaction and co-operation between the family and school is extremely important in the development of a child's full potential and we look forward to a rewarding association with you and your family should you choose Lyndhurst Primary School.


I look forward to welcoming you to our school and I'm confident that your experience here will be a positive and enjoyable one.

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