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Technology in the Classroom

At Lyndhurst Primary School, the use and exploration of Digital Technologies have been embedded into the school’s learning culture. All students from Lyndhurst Primary School use Digital Technologies as an integral part of the school’s Inquiry Based Learning model.


The school has run a successful Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program since 2014, which currently sees approximately 250 students in years 4, 5 and 6 bring their own Windows computer to school every day as part of their learning. Our senior school students utilise DB Primary as part of a learning management system that incorporates all areas of the Victorian Curriculum. These students also have access to their own Microsoft Office 365 account.


Each week, Lyndhurst Primary also produces its own YouTube broadcast show called ‘LTV’. These weekly shows, are hosted by our own students and are made to highlight all the wonderful things that are happening across our school. Our school has also opened its own MakerSpace room in 2018 which will support our curriculum focuses and learning environment.


Lyndhurst Primary is proud to be a leader in the use of progressive Information Communication Technologies and most importantly, our ambitious and eager students share this passion of learning through digital investigations.

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