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'Bring Your Own Device Program'
BYOD 2024
Αναπαραγωγή βίντεο

We have offered a BYOD purchase program for students in grades 4 to 6 for just over 10 years now. It has been an incredibly successful program and for the first time, we’re offering parents the option to purchase a Windows or Chromebook device.  


The purchase of a device is non-compulsory so if parents decide to not choose a BYOD device from the options we provide, then your child will be provided with shared access to a device. 


Please note that we only allow devices bought through our portal to come into the school. We don’t allow any other devices into the school due to only having one technician. 

How to purchase your BYOD: 


  1. Go to our portal  

  2. Select your device and continue. 

  3. A 3 year warranty, 3 year insurance and a bag is included. Make sure you read the insurance details in the insurance section.  

  4. Select any other accessories if needed. 

  5. Finalise purchase. 





Each November, we remind grade 3 parents/carers whose students are going into grade 4 that devices are available for purchase with delivery expected at the end of January of the following year. This allows our technician to prepare the device with education software and settings so it can work in a school/home setting. 


Once devices are ready, families will be notified with instructions of the next steps. Grade 4, 5 and 6 students are also welcome to purchase from the portal. 


Please be aware that students will not be able to use devices until the BYOD user agreement is signed and returned to the school. Students will be given a paper copy that will need to go home, be signed and returned. Here is the BYOD user agreement so you and your child can become familiar with the expectations before handing in the paper copy.


What happens if something goes wrong with the computer? e.g. the battery runs flat, hard drive failure etc. (warranty) 

The school will lodge a warranty claim on your behalf and organise for the device to be repaired by an LWT technician. 


What happens if my child accidently damages their computer? (insurance) 

•It will be covered by insurance. Please contact the office to complete paperwork. The computer will be organised to be repaired through the school or be replaced - $100 Claim fee payable. 


What happens if I order a BYOD computer for my child, then I change my mind?  

•When you order your device you are not ordering from the school, you are ordering it from LWT(Learning With Technologies) and this issue would need to be handled with LWT. Remember that the school’s role is to support students so the device is in working condition to enhance their education with teacher support. 


What happens if my child leaves Lyndhurst Primary before the end of grade 6 if I have purchased the device outright or I purchased with “finance”? 

•If you paid for the device in full, then parents and students simply take the device with them.  


Parents who have opted for the "buy with finance” option, will be required to make all remaining payments. Once again, as parents have purchased directly from LWT, the matter needs to be worked out with the company.

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