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At the top of the hill on Westernport Highway, near the Glasscocks Road roundabout, is a house with a

tree nursery attached. You may have seen it and you mayss have wondered about the unusual shape of

the front building. You may even have thought that it looks like an old school building. Well, in fact it is

an old school building. It is the old Lyndhurst Primary School!


I’m still trying to track down more history of the Lyndhurst Primary School, or Lyndhurst State School or

Bald Hills School, as it would have been known in the early days. I happen to know that, at one stage in

its life, it used to be a rural annexe of Hampton Park East Primary School (now Rivergum Primary School).

I know this because I used to teach there.


From 1988-1990, I was an Info Tech teacher at Hampton Park East PS and I would regularly travel out to

Lyndhurst to teach the 2 grades out there. The 2 grades were rural in style and structure with Preps to

2’s in one room and 3’s to 6’s in another.


The original Lyndhurst State School had a 3-digit school number, making it the one of the oldest schools in Victoria. I’ll certainly pass on more information as I track it down and if any parents or community members have something that they can contribute, I’d love to hear from you. It’s great for a new school to have some history upon which to draw in establishing its identity.


I was able to track down two entries for Lyndhurst Primary School in a book called “Vision and Realisation: a centenary history of state education in Victoria” published in 1973. The book includes entries dating back to 1854 that relate to Lyndhurst Primary School.

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