Our Curriculum

The curriculum at Lyndhurst is based on the Victorian Curriculum, which governs all government schools in Victoria.


The early years program (Prep-2) is based on Kathy Walker’s play-based learning system. This play-based learning is heavily focused on providing children with a strong foundation of essential literacy and numeracy skills through utilising a child’s natural propensity to learn through play to engage them.


At the higher levels (year 3-6), children are gradually transitioned to an “inquiry-based” curriculum, also working with researcher, Kathy Walker who provides a strong pedagogical framework. Inquiry based learning is all about building lifelong learners. It is focused on giving children the skills and abilities to be able to increasingly take control of their own learning and to give them to time to study, learn and think more deeply.


The program at Lyndhurst is individualized and personalised. Gone are the days when teachers teach to the middle group and hope the others will catch on. Education is focused on each child’s point of need based on clear evidence and a strong, cooperative family partnership.


Literacy learning forms a core component of the Lyndhurst Primary School Curriculum.

Inquiry Based Learning

Inquiry-based learning is a student centred or active learning approach that takes, as its starting point,

the natural process of inquiry, building on this to develop information processing and problem-solving



Numeracy forms a core component of the Lyndhurst Primary School Curriculum.

Outdoor Education

At Lyndhurst, we are strong proponents of a quality outdoor education program as we believe there are great physical, social, emotional and indeed spiritual benefits for children from such a program. A camps program is a key component of a broader outdoor education program at Lyndhurst.


We have strongly established a “play-based” curriculum in the Early Years (Prep-2) at Lyndhurst. Many parents may wonder what this means. The curriculum is be based on the work of Kathy Walker. You can read more about Kathy and her work at…. www.earlylife.com.au.

Physical Education

Sport is a vital part of a school curriculum. Not only are there obvious health benefits from having happy, healthy and active students, there are myriad social and personal development benefits from a well-run program of physical activity and sport.